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Q: How do I place an order or get a quote?

A: Fill out the contact form here.

We will get back with you within 24-36 hours (excluding Fridays/weekends).

If you don't hear back in that timeframe, please check in with us!

Always double check your email address to ensure correctness.

Quotes are good for 72 hours, and not secure without payment.

Event slots are held only with a completed/paid invoice.

Emails are answered on Monday-Thursday, between 10:00a-2:00pm.

Q: What is the ordering process?

A: First we will assess your event needs from the form, discuss/finalize details.

Once details are confirmed, we will invoice to your provided email address.

Invoices are due at the time of booking to secure your event, no exceptions.

Pickup appointments are set either at booking or the week of your event.

*Availability changes based on booked projects

Q: When can I meet and sample cake?

A: In-person consultations are not available at this time. 

Sampler boxes are created for flash sales, and are announced on social media.

Phone consults are by appointment only; current client projects receive priority.

If you request a phone call, please note this at time of inquiry.

Q: What payment method do you accept?

A: We process any major credit card accepted by Square invoicing.

Carefully review your invoice and details *BEFORE* making payment.

**PayPal is a checkout option for seasonal specials only- available here

Q: Will you copy the pictures I send?

A: Inspiration and reference images are welcome!

They help get a feel for the style you envision, but

we retain creative freedom on all projects. 

No two artists will create the same;

as designers we work in our own unique style.

We will not copy a photo, even our own!

Q: Where is pickup? 

A: All orders are collected from my home studio,

located near Highway 290/Grand Parkway.

The full address is located within your invoice/order

confirmation- and available at payment.

Q: I want sheet cakes to save money.. Do you make sheet cakes?

A: Sheet cakes are not an item we offer. 

You can always ask about our kitchen cakes: these are the same flavor,

and layered for the same flavor profile/look of a tiered cake.

Q: I have another quote; do you match those?

A: Custom cakes and cookies are a luxury item.

Pricing is subjective to each project;

experience, skill level, ingredients, and technique affect a quote.

Our pricing is based on all of these factors.

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